Jingles from imaging professionals, not merely musicians.

Advertising works better when it connects with your prospect. They remember your company, and learn why they should be doing business with you. Nothing works faster, or lasts longer than music and when you express your brand with the precise sound and feel, relationships are created and sales grow.

At Jingle Brokers, our passion is simple: Make you sound incredible. Establish a powerful presence for your website, radio and television advertising. Entrust us to build a memorable musical imaging component. We take audio imagining seriously, yet make it easy.

Why Us?
We’re imaging professionals, not merely musicians. Jingle Brokers has been delivering Fresh Scores, and National Talent for over 10 years.  We have over 20 studios across the nation ready to work with you. The results our clients have experienced serves as the most important testaments of our work. Our passion is simply: Make you sound incredible.

So whether you are a business owner looking to simplify your advertising, or a professional in need of a solid firm to work with your clients, you will find the help you need right here.