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The results are amazing and enable us to deliver the best jingle available to local advertisers, for a price they can afford.

Driven with a passion to merge cutting edge marketing concepts with the emotional power of music, Jingle Brokers is creating a new marketing medium. We match the science of persuasion with some of the best national musical image producers to create a product that is often more effective than the jingles you hear in national campaigns. You will get a better imaging product and a better experience for your investment. Here’s why Jingle Brokers has over 2,200 clients:

First, we are a marketing firm, with a strong understanding of branding. This means we approach your project with a “result oriented” philosophy. We understand why jingles work, and how to make them. The key is not to just get your business noticed, but more importantly, have your business remembered when someone is ready to buy.

Second, we offer a diversity of talent. We work with 17 producers, not just one or two. Many jingle sites on the web are actually one musician with some good hooks and a limited client base. If you are in business, you understand the benefits of having a solid business partner, and a strong management system that ensures a successful experience.

Third, we offer economy of scale. Because of our volume, we can offer you more expertise and a better experience for about the same price as other firms. Few other options give you access to the talent that we bring you.

Spend some time learning about our clients and listen to samples. We look forward to making you sound great!

With central offices located in Traverse City Michigan, Jingle Brokers has been providing solutions to business owners since 1997. We have partners in 17 production facilities nationwide.

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