Our Audiology

Our Audiology

Advertising works better when it connects with your prospect. They remember your company, and learn why they should be doing business with you. Nothing works faster, or lasts longer than music and when you express your brand with the precise sound and feel, relationships are created and sales grow.

At Jingle Brokers, our passion is simple: Make you sound in credible. Establish a powerful presence for your website, radio and television advertising. Entrust us to build a memorable musical imaging component. We take audio imagining seriously, yet make it easy.

Our Audiology
We are marketers, not merely musicians. Jingle Brokers is part of a larger Brand Development firm called Brand Champion. We approach Jingles as a form of musical imaging, not a song for your business.

Our strategies are based in the science and art of persuasion. Advertising?s first and main charge is persuading a person to make a business decision, or as we see it, a change in habit.

We require the producers we work with to focus on what will work. This means, we ask you better questions, design a better concept, and create lyrics and music that are better targeted to the people who will mostly likely buy from you.

Core Strategy
There are two ways to introduce a new idea: Logic or Emotion. Logic involves facts and data, and it is usually not a practical way to get a prospect?s attention. No one will give you that much time to make your case. Emotion can deliver better results faster. This is important is you are concerned about Return on Investment or ROI.

Understanding the Mechanics of Persuasion
To understand this, you must understand how the brain works. In his book, The Neuroscience of Language, Friedemann Pulvermuller describes how we must first see things in our imagination before any decision will be made in the prefrontal lobe.

“These results challenge the theory that isolated, language-specific brain structures discern word meanings. Instead, they propose word understanding hinges on activation of interconnected brain areas that pull together knowledge about that particular word and its associated actions and sensations.”

What he writes, (largely supported by Dr. Burkhard Maess) is that a concept can be learned and largely believed faster when the right music is used to quicken the process:

Maess and colleagues used a technique called MEG to measure the magnetic fields produced by the brain’s electrical activity during exposure to brief sequences of musical chords. Some of the chord sequences followed the accepted rules of Western classical music, while others contained a chord toward the end of the sequence that was musically ‘wrong’ in the context; the latter sequences violated the rules of music.

The authors report that the brain response to the ‘wrong’ sequences differed from the response to the musically coherent sequences. The difference in response was localized to a brain region known as Broca’s area, which is involved in the analysis of linguistic syntax. These findings suggest that Broca’s area also analyzes musical syntax. That is, the brain region that tells us what a sentence means may also tell us how a piece of music sounds. Music training is known to lead to enhanced verbal abilities, and Maess and colleagues suggest this may happen because the same brain mechanisms are being refined by the training. The results are additionally important because it has been widely held that the brain regions that analyze language are highly specialized for that purpose. This finding suggests, to the contrary, that they may serve a more general function, and that there may be brain structures specialized for dealing with complex, rule-based information such as speech and music.

When we write our Lyrics
We take the conclusions of these studies into consideration when designing musical images. This means that not every jingle appeals to every person. But that is fine when you consider that not every person is a candidate for your product.

When you listen to a sample of our work you will a variety of emotions and approaches. This can only be achieved with a diverse staff of producers. Only Jingle Brokers has built a team of creative people who understand this best approach technique.

What is the right approach for you? Contact us and let’s talk.