Emotion in Advertising

We know that almost 60% of Americans make buying decisions with the help of an emotional connection. “People buy from people”, yet most business owners make decisions using logic and facts. We have discovered that when a logical commercial is tested against an ad that connects on an emotional level the results are dramatically better. Prospective customers enter the business relationship feeling better about the company, and less likely to be skeptical that the company can successfully deliver the products or services they are seeking.

The concept stems from a science called Archetyping, a methodology that we firmly advocate. People are different in fundamental ways. They want different things; they have different motives, purposes, aims, values, needs, drives, impulses, urges. Nothing is more fundamental than that. They believe differently: they think, cognize, conceptualize, perceive, understand, comprehend, and cogitate differently. And of course, manners of acting and emoting, governed as they are by wants and beliefs, follow suit and differ radically among people.

Differences abound and are not at all difficult to see, if one looks. And it is precisely these variations in behavior and attitude that trigger in each of us a common response: Seeing others around us differing from us, we conclude that these differences in individual behavior are but temporary manifestations of madness, badness, stupidity, or sickness. In other words, we rather naturally account for variations in the behavior of others in terms of flaw and afflictions. Our job, at least for those near us, would seem to be to correct these flaws. Our Pygmalion project, then, is to make all those near us just like us.

When we start working with a client, we perform a discovery that asks the right questions, and delivers a better production that connects to prospective buyers. Take a look at our Field Studies and see how we have delivered this process to successful business just like yours. If you are ready to start connection to your market emotionally, you can get started or request an