Jingle Brokers Glossary

Audio Logo: A sound logo (also known as an audio logo, sonic logo, stinger or shout out) is a short, distinctive melody or
a sequence of sound, mostly positioned at the beginning or at the ending of a commercial spot. An effective sound logo is constructed to stay in one’s memory.

Music Bed/Instrumental: Instrumental background used for voiceover.
Full Sing: A full sing is a :30 jingle that is a strong vehicle for conveying a memorable message to targeted consumers. The lyrics are written to inform your potential clients, making you top of the mind when it comes time for buying.
Vocal Open: A musical image that begins with your company name and/or tag line and is then just the instrumentals for you to voice over with your commercial copy.
Vocal Close: A musical melody with your company name and/or tag line at the end. The beginning of the musical image is used for you to voice over your commercial copy.
  Donut: A jingle with a blank time span in the center into which a special advertising message may be inserted. Your commercial will have the same opening and closing, and will use the same music but you will be able to voice over in the middle to promote your companies products, services and special events.
Double Donut: A jingle that starts with a sing in then it will have a span of time to voice your copy, a brief sing in of your company name and/or tag is placed in the middle of the jingle, then more voiceover time ending with your sing out.

Ways to use your jingle:

Play Example
with an ad sample

with an audio logo used as a tag

Celebrity ad sample

On Hold Messaging

TV Ad with Jingle

Coming Soon!