Our Process

With over 2,200 customers we have built the better mouse trap. Our production system is streamlined to acquire the information needed to make a great jingle for you while appreciating that you are busy. With 4 interactions totaling less than 45 minutes, you will have a great jingle ready for your marketing campaign. Contact us should you want more information about any of these steps.

Production Assignment: Jingle Brokers determines which producer is best for the type of image and sound you are looking for and places you with the best producer for the job.

Lyric Call: The producer will spend 10 minutes asking some questions about you business that will help in writing the lyrics.

Lyric Approval: The producer presents the lyrics by fax or e-mail to you for approval. If they are not perfect, the producer will go back and re-write them for your approval.

Demo Production: The producer takes the approved lyrics and puts them with music for final approval.

Demo Approval: Once the demo is done, you hear it on CD or by MP3 via E-mail for approval. Once approved, it is mastered in to the mix out. Be sure to visit our auditorium for some finished product.

Project Sent: The project is sent to you, usually in 1 to 2 weeks.

Tips: It is always best to let the producer know if you would like the lyrics and music changed at the time of approval. It makes the process take longer if lyric or music changes are made at the demo stage. Also- really make sure the image sounds like your business. This is a direct reflection of the company; we want to get the perfect match.